Monthly Archive: July 2020

How to Be an Escort’s Favorite Client

A man who knows how to treat a woman right doesn’t go unnoticed. In the escort world, there are men an escort will only accept once, and others that she will only take when she doesn’t have anything better to do. However, every woman is always yearning to meet that hot guy who knows how to make her feel comfortable and valued. To be a London escort favorite client, here is what to do and what to avoid:

Keep Time

Don’t be late for an appointment unless you’ve given a notice of change in time well in advance. If you run late, expect to pay for the entire appointment without demanding for extra time. Even if our escort agency value the good relationship we share, it’s awkward and annoying if you’re late and intend to overstay the ‘party’. If you want more time, ask her and pay for it if she agrees.

Timely Booking

Spontaneous short-notice appointments might be exciting for you, but from a lady’s point of view, it can be annoying. Just like she takes her time to prepare for a party, she wants to have ample time to prepare and look good for you.

Try To Read Her Cues

London escorts are real women with likes and dislikes. Read the cues and body language of your escort before you initiate something crazy. For example, not every woman wants to be talked dirty or smash-cuddled after coitus. However, some London escorts might love it, though; it all depends on your lady!

Be Polite and Relax

Whether you want to rush back to work, or you aren’t into cuddling and idle chitchat, don’t worry about leaving right away. Your escort will not be offended unless of course, you have not paid her.

Give a Tip for Excellent Service

It is courteous for you to tip your escort when you are satisfied with the services. It doesn’t matter if it is $20 or $200, tipping will let your central London escort know that you liked and appreciate her effort and time. If she was busty and you loved them, or you went for a twofer, you can appreciate that too.

Final Thoughts

Common courtesy comes a long way, especially if you want to see your London escort again. If you treat her right, these women are exceptionally generous, and they won’t shy away from making a world of difference in your life!