How I met my first client as an escort in Marylebone

Like any other job, escorting pays, especially if you are a hot girl. Being a teen adds you an advantage since most clients prefer having sex with young girls compared to old ladies. Most escorts start their career as models then slowly graduates into the escorting business.

I met my first client when I was 18yrs old in Marylebone, London, at a strip club where I started as a model then as a call girl, and this was the first day I decided to start working as an escort in London. I had posted my photos on a website as a way of advertising my new job. In a few hours, I received an email from a client who found me hot and expressed his interest in having sex with me. He told me that he likes girls like me and enjoys the company of crazy and wild young wild girls who always look for new challenges and adventure. By then, I had already started liking him and agreed without hesitating. I was ready to e adventurous with my new catch.

I am blessed to have a pretty face, an excellent bodyshape, big boobs and an ass worth bragging. Having worked as a call girl, I had learned skills that surprised the toughest critics any man could think had. I met the guy that evening at a hotel where the guy was living during the time he was to stay at Marylebone. My agency had advertised me as a girl who charged $200. We took some champagnes and then it was time to have sex.

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The guy was a tall, well-built and very handsome guy who had broken up with his girlfriend some few days before. I realized that he asked to have sex with me as a way to get over his girlfriend. We had so much fun and though he was nervous at first, since it was his first time to spend a night with a call girl. He picked up with time, and later, he ended up enjoying the experience more than he even thought.

The client ended up booking me up for the second time, and he offered to buy me dinner at a restaurant and the night proceeded, and later we picked up from where we had left the previous night. James was fantastic and claimed to have enjoyed every bit of what I gave him. He learnt many skills and promised to book me again during his next holiday when he would be off at work.

I too enjoyed James company, and it gave me the confidence to continue being an escort, and henceforth, it has becomes my full-time job. I used the money I got to build myself up and being a mother to one kid, I can effortlessly afford to pay my bills with less frustrations. Unlike most people who thought that the job was not respectable, James encouraged me by telling me that he had no problem with the job and that it was like any other. I have come to adore my job, and I don’t think I will quit sooner.

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